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Clear video messages that

Videos for training and explaining that drive results.

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Highly-produced training videos save you time and money as you use economies of scale to train large groups of customers or employees.

People buy products and services they can understand. Explainer videos help drive your marketing and sales efforts by quickly showing your product or service's value.

Similar to training and explainer videos, app demos showcase your mobile app, helping your prospects easily understand your value and key differentiators.

Stories are powerful. And when those stories are told by your customers about your product or service, you will earn trust and credibility with prospective customers.


"Our customers can practically train themselves with 24/7, on-demand videos!"


Jeremy Crow, VP Customer Care
Procura Healthcare Software

The Clear Point Difference

Provide high-quality, on-demand training to your customers.

Unlike long, tedious webinars, highly focused and professionally produced training videos engage your customers and don't waste time getting to the point. 

Create some marketing buzz.

People don't always buy the best product. Instead, they buy the product they can understand the best (and the quickest). Promote your product or service with concise and compelling video messaging that clearly explains your product to your customers. 

Our process is simple

You provide us with the knowledge of your service or product. We take care of the production. Here’s our process:





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