3 Reasons to Use Video to Stay Connected

We all know about video conferencing - Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Webex, etc. to help us stay connected and host virtual meetings. And if you want to quickly share a recording of your screen you can always use an application like Loom...

Here are 3 reasons why your organization should be using video to stay connected:

Share Your Experiences 

Your clients and customers are likely experiencing the same struggles and challenges that you are. It is okay to be vulnerable. Research shows that empathy helps consumers feel connected (and we could all use some more in our lives). Help your clients feel at ease by sharing how you are adapting in this ever-evolving work environment. Share how you are approaching these obstacles and others will benefit from your experience.

Keep Networking

Your business may be thriving, or getting lean, or you’ve suddenly found yourself along with the millions of others searching for answers and your next source of income.  Networking is just business jargon for staying connected. It may be your relatives, neighbors, or colleagues.  Continuing to stay connected may land you the next gig, next job, or save someone else’s livelihood. One way to stay connected is to post videos or articles on social media platforms such as Linked In to showcase your expertise (see next reason below).

Share Your Expertise

What is your expertise? Each of us is an expert as something. What do you know more about than most people? Share that knowledge with your connections via video. Just about anyone can produce a video. Most of us do it everyday with the camera we all carry around in our pockets. Here's an example I created last year...

Stay connected and let us know if you’re interested in using video in your business to help drive understanding and get results quickly. We’ve produced thousands of videos & tutorials and we’re here to help

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