Carve Out Your Video Niche

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

What sets you apart from your competition? Do you have a specialty or niche you can offer your clients? People want the very best when shopping for a new product or professional service which is why having a niche video is a great way to solidify your brand and claim your stake in the industry.

Assess Your Content

The first step in finding your niche is to assess your content to see what’s worked and what you’re good at.

This should include your previous video content, if you have any. What’s resonating with your audience? What are they demanding more of? And what’s giving you the best return on investment?

If you don’t have any video content, we recommend you begin by assessing goals you want from your video content.

Research Your Competitors 

There’s no shame in this game. Research the kinds of content others in your industry or market are creating and why.

Look at what gets the most engagements and overall traffic. Can you apply this to your video feed?

The more you learn at this stage, the more insights you’ll have into what your audience finds valuable — which you can translate into super-effective video.

Find What Your Audience Loves

This is a stage many people overlook, but it’s perhaps the most important.

It’s not true that you’re only battling your competitors for your audience’s attention. There are a million other things they could be doing — watching Netflix, browsing YouTube, reading a magazine.

And this is true for B2B just as much as it is for B2C.

Even in a work setting your audience aren’t focused solely on sales content — they educate themselves and engage with publishers too. So what other kinds of content does your audience enjoy? What’s sweeping through the market at the moment?

You might discover that most IT managers right now love tech podcasts. This tells you something very important about what your audience enjoy, and what they’ll value in your own video content.

Discover Gaps in the Market

Is there any kind of content that isn’t currently being offered? Can you fill this void? This might be a very niche, specific kind of content, but that’s fine. If you’re in a competitive market it’s likely to be that way.

Maybe you don’t have a unique service- that’s OK! Can you find places where you can improve on what’s already out there? For instance, a competitor might have created a video series about tech in IT, but it might be poorly shot with a bland presenter and thin information.

Can you show how to do it better?

For example, you could take an inventory of your clients’ most frequently asked questions and create short concise videos to address the questions. This is what one of our clients did with a series of videos like this…

Sections of this article are cited from the Skeleton Productions Video Academy post by Jonathan English. Original article can be found here:

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