How Can A Corporate Documentary Help Your Overall Business?

The idea of self-producing a documentary about your own business can feel, at first, like an indulgent effort of self-promotion not worth the investment of time or money. However, viewing documentaries as a way to better market your company can go a long way to making your ideas, values, and history known to people who may be far outside of your typical target market. 

When done well, a corporate documentary can be a keystone piece of content in your overall marketing strategy. Since it will not have the feel of a commercial advertisement, your audience won’t feel like they are being sold something. Documentaries are a great way to highlight your company’s story and define your brand above and beyond the selling of products and services. 

Engaging With Your Community

Whether geographical or ideological, successful companies are often the products of the community they started within. A documentary is a great way to show the impact your company has on the nearby community, like how you are an economic driving force or highlights of your involvement in community events. Beyond the local community outside your front door, there are communities around the world who might connect with your business over the passions you share or your mission statement. 

New Medium, New Markets, Larger Audience

Typically, a video is created by a business with the purpose of returning sales or interest in your products and services. Documentaries are more about the selling of ideas and painting an accurate picture of the subject. Removing the sales element of a video will allow you to open up to different, longer-format mediums that might be viewed by audiences your marketing team might have overlooked. You never know, your ideal customers may not discover you until they see how you shine in a documentary. 

Highlight Company Culture and Empower Employees

Showcasing your efforts, talents, or passions in a corporate documentary - can you imagine a better way for a company to retain talent and show their appreciation? Working with your employees to show how your corporate culture can cultivate individual passions is a great way to explain what it is like to work for your company. Showing off how you treat your current employees can be a great recruitment tool! 

History, Products, Process - Why You Should Care

When your product is released, you want to share it with the world. One way to increase audience engagement is to show the process and share the story behind the things that make your company tick. Revealing how your products are made - from concept to final packaging - can peel back the mystery of your company and get people excited about making purchases with you. Documenting every step of the process can also be a great learning tool for future products and employees. 

Documentaries are anything but self-aggrandizing films. Of all, they are a great way to frame your business in the light that favors you best while telling the story that you want to be remembered by. 

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