How Much Does Video Cost?

When it comes to hiring a professional video producer or editor, it’s important to become familiar with how pro’s price their work. There is no universal rate or general guideline in this industry which means most freelancers establish their own approach to pricing.

The challenge is getting an idea of what that pricing actually is. Most video production companies do not publish their pricing and we understand how that can make the entire process even more complicated.

This is why we have published our rates on our website. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional video producer to create your next online tutorial or marketing video, check out our pricing page on our website at

Hourly Rates

One way of breaking down video project costs is by the hour. The most likely scenarios for using hourly rates are video editing projects. Again, rates will vary based on experience and the task at hand. If you go based on the day rates mentioned above, you’re looking at rough numbers between $25 to $100 per hour — and up.

Project Rates

As solo, do-it-all filmmakers and small hybrid crews are becoming more common, so too are all-inclusive project rates. Oftentimes, these rates will be meticulously line itemized to list out every single cost across the complete scope of the project. And while this may seem excessive, it’s actually ideal.

This approach gives you the full picture of what your video production will cost, and it level sets expectations from the get-go. Add timelines, deliverables, and dates to the list, and you’ll be on your way to a well-oiled project.

At Clear Point Video, we offer detailed project rates to get you the most accurate pricing that includes everything you want done with scheduled delivery deadlines. We edit and produce various styles, including training, explaining and customer stories videos.

Check out this customer story video we produced for HealthRev Partners and contact us to get your free quote!

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