Microlearning Videos'​ Secret Sauce: The Script

In the microlearning video production process the first vital step is script writing. Often times the importance of a good script is overlooked, but it's the foundation of any great video. If you build your video on a flimsy script you'll end up with a less than ideal final cut. A lot of people (even good technical writers) struggle with script writing because we don’t usually write the way we talk. However, an engaging microlearning video should be presented using a conversational-style approach. 

So here are 3 quick tips for writing scripts as though you're engaging in a conversation with another person.

Use contractions

Yes, those evil things banished by English teachers everywhere should be implemented as consistently and naturally as necessary. Do not be afraid of contractions unless it is for emphasis (see below). Using the vernacular of everyday language shouldn’t be avoided. 

Keep it simple

Pernicious, auspicious, ubiquitous. We love a thesaurus and yet when writing for a microlearning video, the simpler the language the better (usually, but keep your audience in mind as well). Don’t forget, most communication is non-verbal, so let the pitch, tone, or body language carry the weight. Obviously, if producing a tutorial for insurance providers or physicians, some technical terms are to be expected. But overall, keep it simple.

Add some emphasis

Even the most seasoned actors and veteran narrators need voice cues.  Write them in Italics, bold, ALL CAPS, or whatever you need to STRESS or emphasize your point. Be creative. Be clear.

Here's a recent example...

Questions? We've produced over a thousand microlearning videos for companies across the country.

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