That’s NOT Microlearning This IS Microlearning

How we conduct business is constantly evolving. These days the ability to deliver content quickly and manage our team and service our customers remotely is vital for success. This is one reason why using a microlearning approach has become increasingly popular and in demand.

Here’s a quick overview of what microlearning is not and what microlearning is: 

Microlearning is NOT:

  • E-learning “light” – If you have a ten hour training, and break it into ten single hour chunks, that is not microlearning. 

  • The latest fad – Microlearning has been a time-tested aspect of education theory for years. Right now, however, its effectiveness is growing due to our digital nature and the ease and speed with which it can be produced. Watch (in the video below) an 11-year old explain how he built his app and learned how to code, indicating that microlearning won’t be going away with the next upgrade from the digital world. 

  • Expensive – Unlike traditional video productions or lengthy online learning platforms, microlearning caters itself to being developed faster and typically comes with a lower price tag. Plus, since it is customizable, versatile, and can be rolled out more quickly, microlearning holds the highest ROI of any marketing category.

Now that you know what microlearning is not, here’s a few bullets to better understand what microlearning IS:

  • Short – While videos and tutorials may vary in length, they typically range from 2-5 minutes. This has a myriad of benefits, but more than anything this length has been shown to help keep the viewer’s interest and therefore increase understanding.

  • Specific – This concept is vital to the understanding of microlearning vs. traditional e-learning. When learning our multiplication facts in grade school, we were more successful focusing on a single part first (all the multiples of 3’s) rather than learn all of them at once. Microlearning allows the learner to focus on a single facet of the puzzle, rather than be overwhelmed by the entire puzzle. A proper microlearning series will explain how all the parts fit into the whole.

  • Adaptable – Due to the nature of microlearning being short and specific, it is easily customizable and adaptable. It’s easier to modify and revise within a larger system, and can be individually assigned to the appropriate learners. This makes it flexible for the distributor (i.e. your company/organization), which in turn is much more beneficial to the learner. 

Need an example of a microlearning video? Here’s one we recently completed for an insurance company to show their customers how to quickly issue a certificate of insurance from their website…

No matter what, producing professional videos can be challenging. Let us know if you’re interested in using video in your business to help drive understanding and get results quickly. We’ve produced thousands of videos & tutorials and we’re here to help.

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