The Power of Video Testimonials & Talking Head Formats

Referrals are powerful and can help propel any business into the next stage of growth. If you were presented with two options, but one was referred your way, you would pick that one, right? How many times have you trusted a word of mouth referral for various services in your life? There is no denying that positive reviews help business.

So how else can we use these referrals to maximize business opportunities? Easy- VIDEO. Having a real life person speak about your brand goes a long way and builds trust between you and your potential customer. When they watch your video testimonials, they will hear from satisfied customers and feel like they can relate. These types of videos work great on your company website or social media platforms and help you connect with your clients.

Check out this video testimonial we produced for GLS Insurance that features real life customer stories directly from their clients mouth.

Another useful video to include in your company marketing toolbox are talking head videos. These are videos of a trusted company representative, manager, owner or founder who talks directly to the camera, explaining their services & specialties.

Having videos like this are key in beginning a relationship with your customers. People want to know WHO they are talking to, know the face and know you by name. When there is familiarity, there is trust and talking head videos help you gain that.

Here is a video we produced for HealthRev Partners and is a great example of an effective talking head video. The founder of the company spoke directly to his audience to introduce his company and provide more info on who they are.

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