The Top 5 Social Media Trends We Think You Should Pay Attention To

Each year brings the latest fad and let’s be honest, most fizzle out before the year is over. That’s why it is so important to closely study the trends that last - the new crazes that pop up and continue to grow. 

Social media has proven to be a lasting force so we all need to embrace it and make the most of what it has to offer...which is a lot! If you’re trying to grow your brand and reach a wider audience, follow these top 5 trends on social media to attract your ideal customer.

5. Make Your Audience Integral to your Content Strategy

Creating authentic relationships through integral content is ideal. Encouraging user-generated content and customer photos is a brilliant move for engagement and for the sake of social proof. 

With so much competition in the social space, anything you can do to create customer-centric content is a plus.

4. Which Social Platforms Deserve Your Attention

Pop quiz: which social platforms kicked the bucket in 2019?

The short answer? None of ’em.

Despite popular belief, no platform is truly “dead.” As a result, brands should really rethink where they spend their time and try to zero in on the platforms where their audience is hanging out.

For example, LinkedIn is seeing insane growth for B2B marketers. SnapChat actually saw an overall increase in daily active users in 2019 even with the emergence of TikTok.

Meanwhile, Pinterest is driving serious revenue for consumer brands versus other social networks. 

3. Stories Are Not Slowing Down

Stories have been one of the biggest social media trends of the past couple of years and 2020 looks to be no different.

The dominance of Instagram Stories speaks for themselves and go in line with the last trend we just discussed. 

Coupled with Instagram’s new business features including Growth Insights and “Stories About You,” expect to see even more from Stories in 2020.

2. Brands are Putting Influencers Under a Microscope

And although influencers aren’t going anywhere in 2020, brands rightfully are looking at influencer relationships with a sense of scrutiny. No one likes scrolling through content that seems produced and fake.

Since its recent rise in popularity, instagram followers desperately crave real and genuine influencers to follow. They want to feel a connection which is another reason why stories and video content is all the rage right now.

1. Video Content Continues to Boom

Both long-form and short-form video are among the most-shared content on social media. We all know it’s easier to get someone to watch a quick 5 minute video rather than read the summary so it’s no wonder that video continues to be the preferred method for online communication.

This is a trend we know is here to stay!

No matter which platform you prefer, you should seriously consider the power of video to drive understanding and results quickly. For example, here’s a video we produced that Simple Solar ran endlessly on Facebook that kept fresh leads coming in on a regular basis.

Sections of this article are cited from the Sprout Social Blog post by Brent Barnhart. Original article can be found here:

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