What is Microlearning​ and Why Should You Care​?

Microlearning isn’t just a fad, it is here to stay and will continue to make an impact within organizations. Without a doubt, it’s been gaining a lot of popularity in the eLearning arena since its inception. The concept of on-the-go learning and training has inspired many organizations to incorporate videos and tutorials in their training approach to equip their employees and customers with new skills and knowledge needed for their careers. 

What Is Microlearning?

It's a modern approach to learning. Microlearning is a type of training that is delivered in small units or pieces. It is designed to teach and deliver content in short-specific bursts, allowing learners to grasp the core meaning of the content quickly. Microlearning training videos can help organizations convey the right message to their learners quickly and effectively, which will ultimately enhance employee and customer efficiency and satisfaction.

Why Should You Care?

Providing your customers and/or employees with on-demand training, delivered in short concise bursts of information will increase their retention rate, answer their questions quickly, and brand your organization as the "expert" in your field. If you are looking to quickly train your customers/employees by providing high-quality on-demand microlearning content,

Clear Point Video can help.

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