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Note: Additional costs may include licensed stock music, footage and photos, travel costs, media storage/backup and rental equipment fees.

Video Pricing

No surprises. Just straight-forward, 
competitive rates.

The following rates are only meant to provide you with estimated costs. Rates will vary based on project requirements. Please reach out to us to get an exact cost for your specific project.

Software Tutorials

Script: $100 per minute

Production/Editing: $200 per minute


2-minute Tutorial = $600

Filmed Productions

Interview Questions: $150

Script: $150 per minute

Equipment Preparation: $300

Production: $100-$200 per hour 

Editing: $300-$400 per minute


2-minute Filmed Video = $1950*

*Based on six hours of production with a one-person crew. Does not include travel expenses.

Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Script: $150 per minute

Motion graphic design and editing: $800-$1200 per minute

Example:  2-minute Motion Graphics

Explainer Video= $2,300

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