3 Effective Ways To Implement Microlearning Into Your Organization

Technology has transformed the way organizations train their employees and customers. To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of training, enterprises are shifting from conventional employee/customer training programs towards microlearning methodologies. Microlearning is a training method to deliver a large concept by breaking it down into small chunks of information. 

As microlearning has gradually becoming an industry standard, it is imperative to learn different ways to integrate microlearning into your training and implementation programs so that your organization may reap the full benefits – effective learning outcomes and efficiency.

Here are three effective ways to implement microlearning (there are plenty more ways, but this is a good start).

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are cloud or server based systems that typically host all of your organization’s training content, such as videos, documents, quizzes, etc. and track each learners progress. You can determine the order in which content is consumed, define how much of a video must be watched before it’s considered complete, run progress reports and more. One of my favorite LMS’s to work with is


Infographics have redefined the way we communicate written information to readers. Information presented in the form of an infographic is easier to read, understand, and remember due to its eye-catching and persuasive design. Moreover, infographics are specifically useful to deliver a small and focused piece of content to learners. Thus, it makes an excellent choice for microlearning purposes. I recently completed a series of microlearning videos on, “Violence Prevention in Healthcare”. During the script-writing phase I needed to cite some stats about the problem of violence in healthcare. Here is an infographic from The Joint Commission I found that proved to be very useful:


Last, but not the least, small chunks of content can be delivered in the form of videos (Of course I’d say that). Delivering microlearning content in a video format is perhaps the best way to train employees and customers. Short duration videos, 3-7 minutes or less (depending on the content), can focus on one topic at a time, and allow learners to consume the content easily and effortlessly. 

Whether you are looking to provide training, pertaining for on-boarding, new procedures, regulatory compliance, or any other work-related activity, video-based training is the optimal solution to deliver information without overwhelming your learners.

Here’s an example I completed earlier this year for a bank that was transitioning to a new software platform:

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