3 Great Ways To Use Video On Your Website

Your company website is important and one of the first places a potential customer will go to get more information about your brand. To build trust, you want to make sure your site delivers the right information in a quick amount of time. No one wants to spend countless hours scrolling through paragraphs when they can watch a quick and engaging video instead.

If you’ve been thinking about making a video for your business, here are 3 great ways to use it on your website.

1. Introduce Your Brand

Having a video on your homepage that introduces your products or services is the best way to keep a captive audience. Delivering clear and concise information, your video should explain what you do and address common questions your clients ask.

Some businesses choose to have a talking head style video so the audience can literally put a name to a face while others choose an animated style video. The industry you’re in dictates what style is best and this is a great way to start creating a personal connection with your audience.

2. Show Off Your Happy Customers

There are few things more powerful than an endorsement from a past client. Having a testimonial video on your website is an excellent way to show your past success and ensure confidence in your new clients.

3. Tell Them About YOU

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to create a connection as soon as possible, When a customer is shopping around, they are more likely to hire the pro that they feel they can trust. This trust is often times built by simply showing your face and letting your potential clients know who you are.

In addition to an explainer or promotional video, we highly recommend having an About Us video displayed in the appropriate section on your website. This is also an area where you can share personal things about yourself as they relate to your business. This can be a very relatable part that offers insight into what you do.

Check out this video we created for HealthRev Partners and you’ll see what we mean!

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