Do You Know How To Use Your Videos To The Maximum Effect?

Somewhere in the range of 300-400 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube each minute, with content ranging from vlogs to movies to instructional videos. Every video is made with a specific audience in mind - from the casual binge-watcher to someone who is looking to solve a particular problem or learn a very specific bit of information. There has never been a better time to incorporate video into your business's marketing plan. The question remains:

Do you know how to use the videos you produce to the maximum effect? 

Not only should you be marketing and informing those who are looking for better ways to effectively use your products and services, but you can also use the same video to field future clients. Great video content bridges the gap between the value your customers currently bring your business, and the potential value of your future, prospective clients. 

Engage Your Customers With Detailed Videos

Your customers might not know how to use all of the product they have just bought from you, or might not be aware of new features you have added in your latest release. Explainer videos are a great way to highlight features and uses, while instructional videos can show how your products and services can be used to solve a specific set of problems.

The key here is to create several short, concise videos with tight language and great visuals, so your customers get what they need in the shortest amount of time possible. Long-winded webinars may sound like a good idea but aren’t ideal for those who know what type of information they are looking for. 

Generate Lead Traffic By Solving Specific Problems

Search engine pages that feature rich media links can drive up to 41% more traffic than text links alone. This means the thumbnail image and description for your video are more visible who are looking for the solution you can provide to the problem they are having. While you might have created the video as instructional media for your current customers, seeing your product in action solving a problem they have is a great way to field new customers. 

Authority Through Branded Video

Customers may not buy the bestproduct available, but they will buy the product that they can understand the best. Branding instructional videos of your product being used to solve everyday problems can be very useful in establishing your business as a brand leader. Even without the confidence of having the best product, being able to demonstrate how clearly you can engage with customers can go a long way to developing trust and repeat business. 

Here is an example of software instructional video for a banking platform.

Establish Your Credibility

Written reviews and testimonials can go a long way to helping a customer decide where to take their business. Just imagine the impact a video testimonial from a satisfied client can have! Showcasing the experience of a happy customer can be a great way to shape a story for your business and gain the trust of future visitors to your business.

Final Thoughts

When your video helps address a customer’s needs, your brand is reinforced as their needs are met. Down the road, you will find that the single need your video meets will do wonders in exposing your business to those who are looking for the same answers, and will likely become your newest customers. 

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