Explainer Videos: What They Are And Why You Need Them

I bet you can’t go a full day without watching at least 1 video. Think about it - whether it’s the way you get your news in the morning, doing research on your computer for work, shopping for a hired pro or maybe when you have some down time and scroll on social media. To be honest, it’s hard NOT to watch a video and that’s for a reason.

Video offers quick and concise information that’s easy for us, the viewer to absorb. According to an article published on, 81% of companies use video on their website and that’s because it’s effective. Having a focused video to clearly explain your services is the best way to attract your audience and get more clients.

So What Is An Explainer Video?

An explainer video highlights your company and explains the products or services you offer. These videos are typical 1-3 minutes long and are engaging. The goal is to have the audience watch your video and fully understand what you’re selling. An effective explainer video will also end with a call to action so the potential customer can get in touch with you.

Who Should Make Explainer Videos?

Any professional or company that offers a unique or niche service should definitely consider an explainer. For example, nobody needs an explanation for a traditional grocery store chain - we all know how to drive to the store and grocery shop! But think about alternative services like home food delivery and meal plan services? These new and rising trends are different from the traditional ways of food shopping and a great example of a business that would benefit from an explainer video.

In fact, we currently have an explainer video in production for, a KC, MO based meal delivery service. We’ll share it once it’s ready.

But Is It Worth It?

Yes!! We cannot stress the popularity of video enough and explainer videos are partly on the rise because of this. Video is not going away - plain and simple. So what better way to profit from this rising trend? Making an explainer video is an affordable and effective way to grow your business.

Here’s an example we recently produced explaining how a medical software company’s new telehealth feature works.

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