Microlearning Videos: A Dynamic Solution for Increased Engagement


he scarcity of time and resources is the primary reason why microlearning is quickly being adopted and used by organizations for both formal and informal learning, for employees and customers alike.

Organizations have found that microlearning is an ideal alternative training solution to conventional training. It’s dynamic in nature and conveys content in short to-the-point bursts, allowing employees/customers to feel more engaged and connected with the learning objectives. In short, microlearning content can be consumed and implemented quickly.

Microlearning Videos

Rich media formats, such as video, ensure better retention of ideas and concepts, and higher engagement among learners. Microlearning videos and tutorials can quickly be deployed, they are easier for learners to consume, can typically be revised quickly, and can be less expensive than traditional training methods. 

Here are some more key benefits of microlearning videos: 

  • People are visual beings. They can process visuals 60,000x faster than text. Also, learners usually prefer to consume content in a video form rather than text.

  • Video-based learning material tends to create a more engaging and enjoyable learning experience, which promotes greater retention rates and thereby helps achieve learning outcomes.

  • Videos provide an excellent opportunity to create narratives that are easily comprehendible and relatable to the learners.

  • Video content allows organizations to devise a comprehensive learning path with shorter bits, so the learners are able to complete the course at their own pace. 

  • Microlearning videos can also be leveraged to provide quick learning assistance to employees or customers, which can help reduce unnecessary phone calls and/or meetings.

Microlearning Video Examples

Here are few examples of microlearning videos from my portfolio:

Simple Solar gets asked all the time, "How does converting my home to solar power work?" or "What are the steps to converting to solar power?". We made this video to quickly answer those questions and help move the customer decision making process along.

One of the bottlenecks at PodSearch was training new customers how to setup their profile on the PodSearch platform. This video helps reduce repetitive training sessions and customer inquiries related to the setup process.

The experts at GLS Insurance Group are continually trying to disseminate valuable information to their clients related to risks and liabilities that can impact their businesses and organizations. Traditional email newsletters can fall flat, but a clear, short, concise videos increase engagement helping brand your organization as the expert customers can rely on.

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