Remote Training & What It Means For Your Business

These days it feels like everything is changing and that certainly applies to work life. With many companies opting for at home working opportunities and remote training, it’s important to keep up and not get left behind. Remote training and work from home methods are the new norm so let’s dive into what that means and how to effectively use it.


Remote training is distance learning where the employee can receive all the same information of an office setting but from the comfort of their own home. Through online training videos and courses, businesses everywhere are finding new and inventive ways to stay connected and continue working. With today’s circumstances, this is vital to keep your employees safe while still getting business done.

Additionally, not all remote training happens at home. Many professionals prefer remote training options so they can schedule the times that work for them their schedule.


First, accept that the traditional work norms are gone. With at home and remote working, employees must find a good work life balance and this often times includes a non traditional schedule with breaks throughout the day.

This means that employees now need on demand information available to them anytime. Training videos are ideal for this as they allow the user to pause when needed and rewatch certain portions later. If your team could go back anytime for refreshers, wouldn’t they be more effective at their jobs?

Another key thing to consider is compatibility of your training videos. Can they be viewed from a smartphone or tablet? People are on the go and having this accessibility could be a game changer for your team.


Hire a professional! If your company is thinking about creating training videos or courses, it’s important that they are engaging and relay all the relevant information. Find an experienced video producer who will work with you to create custom videos you can use on any platform.

As an example, take a moment to watch this training video we produced for Patient Pending. This video allows their healthcare professionals to access information anytime on how to properly keep track of their patients with this software program.

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