The Sky Is The Limit With Video Training

These days, at home training is a must and the benefits of video have been very obvious as we have all become zoom experts and rely on video communication to work, learn and even speak to loved ones. But video training offers so much more than you might think which is what we want to dive into today.


You might be wondering how we are supposed to create a meaningful connection when we can’t even meet in person. We have the answer and we think you’ve probably already guessed it - VIDEO.

With videos, employers can communicate directly and have the ability to make the training experience more personal. Instead of focusing solely on the training, we generally recommend you also take time to explain why it matters. People crave a connection, now more than ever and including a back story of the company’s beginnings and what’s built it is a great way to create genuine interest and a connection to your brand.


Gone are the days of traditional in person instruction and when you stop to examine the pros and cons, you might be surprised of how inefficient the old way was for so long.

If a company wants to grow and train more people, they needed to hire more instructors, coordinate the class times and have a larger space to gather - a lot of hassle and a lot of expense! With video training, the possibilities are endless and companies can scale their growth beyond limits.

And the same applies to growing your client base. If a company wants more customers (don't we all!) they can eliminate the need to hire more people if they can offer their clients clear and concise training videos that show them how to use their products.

This is true for Sentry West Insurance Services and why this video we made for them is a perfect example on how to use video to scale your business and do things more efficiently.

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