Valuable Tips For Creating A Video Testimonial

In this day and age, almost every business, big or small has done or at least thought about making a video. Videos are so powerful and offer you a way to genuinely connect with your prospective customers and audience. When making one, it’s important to remember the main objective to your video. In this article, we explore important things to keep in mind when embarking on a video for your business.


Storytelling has never been more popular than it is today. Much like a referral, a good story of one’s past experience with a company speaks volumes and helps establish trust right away. And make no mistake, storytelling is powerful and can generate revenue when used in the right way.

Do you have satisfied customers willing to share their stories? Or maybe a happy and rewarded staff member? Positive stories about your brand and services will always serve you well and a video testimonial is a great way to tell the story.


An effective testimonial video will illustrate the challenges that your services help overcome. Remember to include stories of hurdles your clients had to overcome and why your services were the best solution to solve the problem. Simply saying, “these guys are great” doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Your audience wants to hear details and truly understand why people choose to give their business to you.

This video we made for Simple Solar is a great example of an effective video testimonial. A video like this can be used as an advertisement or informative video on your website and hits all the key points.

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