Microlearning: A Secret eLearning Tool That Keeps Your Business Up and Running

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly-growing digital environment, smart companies, whether small or large, from all across the globe, are doing everything they can to stay on the top of their game and to move one step ahead of their competition. On-the-job conventional training activities and programs can be costly and repetitive. Now, companies are implementing eLearning initiatives such as microlearning and video training to empower their employees and customers, and through that improve their overall efficiency and organizational productivity. 

What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning is the most modern approach to learning that delivers highly focused content to a specific audience in the form of short bursts of information. It is one of the most effective emergent learning strategies. The concise lessons delivered to learners at their own pace and convenience can quickly close skill and knowledge gaps, and thereby helps organizations achieve their learning goals. 

A Secret That Keeps Your Business Up and Running

Microlearning allows learners to learn from training videos, and apply their new knowledge and skills quickly. Microlearning is increasingly being used by businesses that need to train their staff and customers effectively and efficiently. Microlearning videos can be used for all types of learning initiatives - safety training, software user training, healthcare training, risk management training…to name just a few. Higher retention of ideas and concepts, greater engagement amongst learners, and better conversion of concepts learned, are some of the core benefits of microlearning. Here's an example of a short microlearning video I recently created for a client so that they could both advertise to their customers and teach them how a new website platform works.

If you are looking for robust microlearning video production to create engaging training videos and tutorials, or have any questions regarding the implementation of microlearning, visit or contact Steve Burnich at or 417-350-7068 for more information.

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